Monday, June 3, 2013

A cloudy Monday morning in June

What do you do at the beach on a Monday morning in June if it is cloudy and rainy?  Well, if you are sea turtle volunteers, you walk the beach and look for turtle tracks!

Although, we did not find tracks, we were able to pick up quite a bit of trash before we left the beach; but not before it rained on us!!!  :-)

Listed here is what we found with a photo to boot!

32 cigarette butts (there were visibly more butts today)
30 plastic food wrappers
4 bottle caps
1 plastic lid
13 straws/stirrers
5 pieces of rope
1 balloon
1 cigarette lighter
1 firework cap
5 pieces of foam
2 plastic bottles
3 plastic grocery bags
1 zip lock bag
1 plastic cup

2 styrofoam cups (one which was lined in "normal" plastic!--this has to be one of the worse plastic offenses as far as cups go--as though never-biodegrading styrofoam wasn't enough--it is lined in plastic!)

1 6-pack holder (I cut it up before disposing)
6 strapping bands
1 tampon--yuck yuck yuck
4 articles of clothing
2 towels
13 toys or toy pieces
3 chapsticks
a pair of rainbow flip flops (2), but not in good enough condition for me to wear  :-(

Gigi wondering why anyone would leave so much trash on the beach.

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  1. If you plan to recycle the dog, you know who to call! Celia :)