Friday, June 21, 2013

Toppled trash cans in zone 0

 Friday, June 14, zone 0

The first thing I saw upon walking onto the beach on Friday, June 14 was this amazing pre-dawn sky. Wow! Quite remarkable, isn't it?

The second thing I noticed, however, was that several trash cans had blown over in front of Shell Island Resort during the storm the night before. Someone also placed an entire mangled tent frame next to a trash can, which some nearby stand up paddleboarders commented was probably that person's version of "putting it in the trash."

I decided to save the blown-over trashcans for the end of my walk, knowing that it would take a while to pick them all up. However, by the time I completed my walk and returned to Shell Island Resort, the town's maintenance crew had picked up the trash cans along with most of the trash that had spilled out of them. They had even removed the tent frame. I placed the remaining items I found back into the cans. (I did not count these in my litter tally, because I though that people had tried to do the right thing by placing them in the trash cans, without realizing that they would blow out.)

My litter count for the day included:
- 1 pair of glasses
- 1 length of plastic ribbon
- 1 styrofoam take out container
- 2 coffee cups with plastic lids
- 1 plastic cup
- 2 plastic straws
- 1 men's flip flop
- 1 plastic bags
- 1 lighter
- 1 Frito's bag
- 1 drink packet
- 2 Bud Light cans
- 3 plastic water bottles

Overall, it was yet another exceptionally lovely morning at WB!


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