Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Rain Cloud A Day Keeps the Trash Away!

John and I found very little trash on Monday morning, June 24th.  In fact, we only found 1/2 reusable bag of trash between the two of us.  I surmise it may be in part to all of this rain we are having at WB this year.  What is going on with this rainy, windy summer????    Hail the Sunshine!!!!!

Rain on the horizon during our walk

We are still finding trash in the construction zone at Oceanic.  Even though the litter is inside the orange tarp, so it is not as likely to get blown around, it is still being covered up by sand and leaving litter on the beach.  I hope the construction workers will be diligent in keeping this area clean.  Here are some photos of what we found this week.  We did tighten the caution tape so that it would no longer be dragging on the ground creating an entanglement hazard for any potentially nesting turtles or sea birds.

Our items this week include:
50 cigarette butts (likely more, I just stopped counting---there were so many this week  :-(
12 food wrappers
16 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
5 plastic lids
13 straws/stirrers

all the straws we have collected so far this year

2 plastic spoons
4 pieces of fishing gear
3 balloons
1 cigar tip
1 cigarette lighter
2 fireworks
4 foam pieces
11 plastic pieces
1 aluminum can
1 ziploc bag
2 plastic cups (one wrapped in plastic from a hotel)
1 foam cup
2 plastic dental flossers
1 bathing suit strap
1 towel
9 toys
1 next morning Super Moon!


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