Sunday, June 2, 2013

A colorful sky in zone 0

Friday, May 24 in Zone 0

Well, Wrightsville Beach sure knows how to usher in a holiday weekend-- that is for sure! The morning sky was filled with beautiful colors on Friday, the "unofficial" start to the Memorial Day weekend. My husband Jeff joined me for my morning patrol, and we filled only about 1/3 of my reusable bag of litter. 

Items that we found included:
-1 stick/handle from a toy pinwheel
- 3 candy/snack wrappers
- 2 plastic shovels
- 1 broken tupperware container
- 1 plastic shopping bag
- various bits of plastic litter
- 18 cigarette butts
- 4 plastic bottle caps
- 1 metal beer cap
- 3 plastic cups
- 1 plastic Coke bottle

It concerned me a bit that the plastic bag was located within the bird sanctuary, just beyond the roped-off area. I reached in very carefully to grab it.



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