Monday, June 3, 2013

John and Terri Littlejohn and waterlogged sign

In addition to other trash that the Littlejohns reported on their Ocean Conservancy form, they also found this huge sign.  Below are the emails from the Littlejohns along with a photo of the sign.

John will be sending you a photo of the big, heavy sign (mentioned below) from his iPhone.  A paddle boarder was pulling this sign out of the water as we approached.  He mentioned he had seen a large turtle in the shallow water in the same spot Thursday morning (Thursday).  Could have been Turtle Mom #2 since we were in that vicinity. 

     Following is the promised photo Terri mentioned in her recent Email.  The sign was thoroughly water logged and very heavy.  Until we find something bigger, it is our entry in the macro trash category.
                          John Littlejohn

I sure hope the turtle the paddle boarder saw could not read the sign as our beach is always open to nesting turtles!!!!  :-)

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