Sunday, June 30, 2013

Please Keep our Beach Clean and "Safe" for Nesting Sea Turtles!

WBSTP volunteers have found two more sea turtle nests on WB, bringing our total to 4 so far this year!  We are so excited about this!!!!

Below are pics of the joy that takes place on the mornings of these wonderful and exciting discoveries.

Clem, Dave, and Nancy at Nest #3

John and Terri Littlejohn and Ferris at Nest #4

We did pick up trash at nest site #3.  We found a round cardboard disc, a piece of plastic, and a cigarette butt in the sand as we were digging for the eggs.  As I was walking just feet from the nesting site, I found two condom wrappers.  While I'm glad the humans were being "safe" by using the condoms, I do wish they would keep the beach "safe" for other "wild life" by removing their debris!  :-)

No, none of this belonged to me!  I just removed it from the nesting area!

What can I say?  "Happy and Safe Nesting to Turtles and Humans???"  :-)


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