Monday, June 3, 2013

Trash in the Turtle Zone!

On the morning that John and I found the first sea turtle tracks on WB for the season, we also found trash.  Or, I should say that John found trash as I stayed with the nest until all the friends arrived!

Sadly, as Nancy and I were digging for the signs of turtle eggs, we also dug up several cigarette butts, a bottle cap, a disposable plastic dental flosser, a fireworks cap, and a couple of other random plastic pieces.  All of this right in the disturbed sand of the nest.  In Nancy's words, "It's a shame the turtle had to nest in trash."

Here is the rest of what John picked up on his walk:

83 cigarette butts (60 of these were found in a small hole at the base of the access sign for #32.  It appeared as though someone purposefully dug a hole and dumped butts in it.  Along with those butts were broken bottle pieces and a plastic fork)

16 food wrappers
1 plastic take out container
1 foam take out container
6 bottle caps
2 metal caps
2 plastic lids
17 straws
1 wad of fishing line
1 cigar tip
5 fireworks (3 large boxes---see pics)
4 foam pieces
7 plastic pieces
6 plastic bottles
1 can
2 plastic cups
1 opened and empty condom wrapper
4 articles of clothing
13 toys or broken toy pieces
1 flip flop
3 baby wipes

and Nest #1!!!!!

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