Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello, Andrea!

Friday, June 7, Zone 0

This morning I was very curious to see what the beach would be like with Tropical Storm Andrea churning out over the water. Turns out I couldn't see much of anything because the wind was blowing so hard! Luckily, though, that was about the worst of it. I managed to complete my walk without getting rained on all that much, and it was actually quite interesting to see the dark clouds rapidly changing shape in the sky.

Admittedly, because of the stormy conditions, I was not quite as diligent as I normally would be about finding trash and picking it up, because I walked pretty much as fast as I could in all that blowing sand. But I did still find a few items. These included: 

- 1 motor oil bottle
- 2 balloons
- 1 sand toy
- 1 lighter
- 1 Gatorade bottle
- 3 plastic straws
- 1 plastic sunblock lid

I also came across some very large cannonball jellyfish. (My foot's in there for perspective.)



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