Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cinco de Mayo with Nancy, Roger and a Rubber Duck!

Hi Ginger,
Here is the latest news coming from Wrightsville Beach:
Cinco de Mayo:  I collected three grocery store sized bags of random trash, once again, mostly plastic wrappers and containers, and three balloons.  On the north side of CYC, I found an empty beer box and thirteen empty cans.  Along with the trash, was a shirt and pair of rainbow flip-flops.  The cans were placed in the recycling and the shirt and shoes left by the trash can.  I met a gentleman at the site named Roger that helped me to clean the beach.  He was so upset that someone would leave such a mess on our beautiful shore.  A short distance past the cans, I found a pair of pants and a set of keys on a lanyard.  I placed these items next to a trash can, as well.  At that point, I began to wonder if someone had been arrested on the beach intoxicated and nude!  (The next day, I was given the chance to ask....more on that later.)
The good news is that there are others out there helping to KIC.  I had noticed several styrofoam cups and wrappers near JM Pier that I planned to pick up on my return trip up the beach.   However, when I arrived back at the pier, the litter was gone!  Apparently, some kind soul had already beat me to it~~thank you, thank you, thank you!
The most interesting find of the day was a little yellow rubber ducky.  I noticed it at the tide line just north of JM Pier.  I couldn't resist the photo op of this dated marine debris.  Obviously this little ducky was launched with a romantic notion that it would sail the vast blue sea to distant shores far, far away.  Sadly, in reality, this was just another piece of plastic trash discarded into our precious ocean; thankfully spit back out of the surf onto WB only one day later.   What are people thinking of....really?? 
Have a great weekend!

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