Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 11 & 12--In case you did not know, Nancy does not wear pink hats :-)

Hi Ginger,
Yesterday, May 11th, I collected 2 1/2 bags of litter from Wrightsville Beach.  This included five balloons, several styrofoam and plastic cups, plastic wrappers and cans.  Some of the lifeguard stands have yellow caution tape wrapped around them.  This tape is getting blown and torn down and I have cleaned the plastic tape off the beach for the past few days.  
In addition to the bags of trash, I disposed of two frisbees, two towels, and a wet suit top.  
Today, May 12th, the beach was more littered and I am already dreading tomorrow.  I filled three bags with trash which included another dirty diaper (Yay!), lots of cups, cans, and wrappers.  A lady was walking her dog on the north end very near the ropes of the bird sanctuary.  I reminded her that dogs were not allowed on the beach and that there would be a very fat fine if she was caught.  Mostly, I was worried she was too close to the birds with her dog and that she was causing a problem for the nesting parents.  She acted as though she did not know about the "no dogs allowed" rule, and prepared to leave the beach. Thank goodness!  
I also fished a chair and pink hat off the dunes on the south side of Station One and put them in the garbage cans.  There are several other chairs I think were left behind on the beach, so if they are still out there tomorrow, I will put them in the trash, as well.
Two days of riding left to go!!

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