Monday, May 21, 2012

week 3 John and Ginger and the KIC Bike.

This was our first walk of the season and we were surprised by how much wrack line had collected on the beach.  It made me think of the nest that was in zone 5 last year and how the momma sea turtle had disturbed the line of wrack to make her way up to her desired spot to leave her clutch.   I looked for these same signs today, but no such luck.

We did see a beautiful sunrise though.  It was as though the horizon had opened up and was gently helping the sun to rise this morning (I need that kind of help in the mornings too)  :-)

We collected the following on our walk:
12 toys including a butterfly net, a coverless tennis ball, several shovels and a bucket
13 cigarette butts (there were many more, but no time before work to collect those)
1 try sport swim cap (anyone want it---looks like it is in good shape)
2 plastic bags (1 from Wings and 1 from Food Lion)
1 plastic bottle
1 beer can
1 plastic cup
1 styrofoam cup (also plastic)
1 cigarette lighter
1 empty cigarette package
1 fishing gear
10 bottle caps
1 plastic ring pop (minus the candy)
1 bracelet
5 straws
1 plastic hat bill minus the fabric and the rest of the hat (I never thought about the bill of a baseball hat being made of plastic, but it is....    This was easy to see with the fabric missing)
1 pair of cheap sunglasses
lots of other bits of plastic

and John found 2 beautiful shells.

As I was sorting trash, I could not help but think about my cat, Speckles.  If you followed the blog last year, you will remember that Speckles loved to help me sort trash.  He would commune with me every Monday morning while I was sorting, tossing, washing, and organizing trash.  I often took his picture and would sometimes post it.

Sadly, Speckles was killed by a car back in November.  I miss him terribly, but will remember his love for me and those beautiful eyes (one blue and one green).  He was my soul cat and I am thankful that he showed up at our house as a stray and allowed me to be in his life for over 6 years.  I have many happy memories with him.

On a final note, John gave me the perfect Christmas gift this year.  A trailer for my bike so that I can collect trash when I ride on the bike trail.  I love it!!!  I call it "Trailer Trash"  :-)

I have picked up a lot of trash from the cross city trail, but I have also packed chairs in my trailer to take to Airlie Garden for their Friday night concerts.   We often run into other WBSTP volunteers there who also have a bike trailer and from whom John got the wonderful idea---Rick and Jill.

Today I went to WB Farmer's Market which is open every Monday through Labor Day.  I decided to put a cooler in my KIC trailer and go shopping.  I bought eggs, cheese and carrots all from the market today.  Pictured below is the KIC Bike as I waited for the drawbridge.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  Let's Keep It Clean.  Thanks for all you do.

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