Sunday, May 20, 2012

week 3 - John & Terri appreciate the rhythm of sea turtle season

     Terri and I made our first visit of the turtle season this morning.  The beach and the sunrise were beautiful but there were no turtle tracks to be seen.  Unfortunately, we did see and picked up the equivalent of about two Harris Teeter disposable plastic bags of trash.  Among the items were plastic and foam beach toys, cigarette butts, cigar filter, small pieces of lumber, a brick shard, plastic straws, one flip-flop, and plastic storage bags.
     The good news was that there was no big trash like umbrellas, broken chairs, etc. but that probably has more to do with the fact that we're still not in the heart of the beach season.  We did encounter two girls with a leashed dog.  I informed them about the prohibition on dogs on the beach and they indicated they were not aware of the law.
     At one point a familiar jogger from past years appeared reminding us of one of the rhythms we enjoy about the beach. 

John Littlejohn

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