Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nancy's last two days before foot patrol---an amusing read!!!

Hi Ginger,
Yesterday, the beach was a mess!  You could definitely tell it was the weekend.  I disposed of seven bags of trash, which included four balloons, and lots of cups, cans, bottles, sand shovels, and plastic wrappers.  In addition to that, I also found two chairs, a wad of fishing line,

 one towel, one styrofoam cooler with the lid & cans and wrappers scattered all around it, one set of keys, seven people sleeping, and one dog a-walkin'.  The chairs, towel, and cooler with scattered trash were all disposed of.  The people sleeping were reported to the police, and the dog with human in tow were reminded they should not be on the beach.  
The most bizarre sight of the day was a chair found at the south end.  It had been partially burned! 

 It had the long fishing line tied to it with two raw chicken legs attached.  Gross!! 

 I made sure the fishing line and chicken were buried in the trash can so the birds could not get to it, then I had to put the chair next to the can since it would not fit inside.  I was a bit perplexed at the use of raw chicken legs for fishing (Eeewwww!), but the consensus is the people that left this mess were likely crabbing.  
This morning, I collected four bags of trash including lots of cups, wrappers, sand shovels, and two balloons.  I also disposed of one towel and one broken  sand pail.
I have enjoyed my early morning rides during the last two weeks.  Along the way, I've marveled at sights of beauty and wonder, and at others not so much. 

The strangest discovery was a recliner I found on the beach near JM Pier last week.  Now that is relaxing at the beach!! 

 Though I tried and tried, I just could not fit it into one of the garbage cans.  :)  Someone managed to remove it from the strand, though, because it was gone the next day.  Geez!!!
That is it for patrolling via 4-wheeler and the volunteers begin foot patrols tomorrow.  I will miss my morning rides, and will be hoping for an early morning phone call about the discovery of tracks on the beach.  Here's to a nest very soon for Wrightsville Beach!
Best of luck out there, everyone!

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