Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 7 & 8 with Nancy--High Tide brings in wrack line and Nancy Faye Craig

May 7th:  The lunar high tides brought in a very thick line of wrack and lots of debris.  I collected four bags of random trash, one life jacket, two towels, and a few plastic gallon containers.  My booty for the day included four balloons.  Sadly, most of the trash I had observed on Sunday was likely washed out to sea.  
May 8th:  The tides were even higher last night, and there is a humungous line of wrack all along the shoreline, all harboring marine debris of all kinds. I collected four bags of trash, consisting of mostly plastic, plus three balloons. In addition to that, I found a plastic half gallon water bottle, a large piece of styrofoam, and two large pieces of nylon/canvas type material, plus half of a one gallon size plastic bottle. 
I had the pleasure of seeing volunteer extraordinaire, Nancy Faye Craig, near the Blockade Runner.  It sure was nice to see her smiling face as she jogged down the beach this morning!
That about sums it up, so far!


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