Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 3-- Susan Miller in zone 3

 Friday, May 18, zone 3

Well, to be honest, today was not quite what I was hoping for for my first litter clean up of the summer 2012 season. The sky was uniformly gray and it drizzled on and off throughout my whole walk. It was quite windy and chilly. All in all though, I am reminded that I am fortunate to spend time at the ocean at any time, regardless of the weather!

Because the weather has been somewhat dreary for the last couple of days, there wasn't too terribly much litter to pick up this morning. I collected about 1/4 of my reusable bag (equal to one plastic grocery bag) of assorted small bits of litter, consisting mostly of plastic snack wrappers such as Lance snack crackers, plastic utensils, plastic sand toys, beer bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic straws, and plastic bottle caps. I also found 2 stray flip flops (not a pair) and one opened but unused condom.

There was a rather steep escarpment throughout most of my zone this morning, and just a few other walkers and joggers who were braving the gloomy weather. The coolest thing I happened to see was this little house that someone built right at the shoreline, just past beach access #32. It was made completely of natural materials, so I left it as it was. Very cute!

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