Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 weeks and 4 zones for Rick and Jill

Hi Ginger,
So sorry for the late report I never got sent last week!!  My family arrived last Friday -- and our life hasn't been the same since : )
Week of 7/30:
Tuesday, 7/31: Zone 4: - 1 full grocery bag - plastic bottles and odds/ends
Friday, 8/3: Zone 0: Very little trash - nice morning
Week of 8/6:
Tuesday, 8/7: Zone 4 - no trash pick up because so much rain
Friday, 8/10: Zone 0- the messy vacationers were in town at Shell Island, lots of beer cans, bottles, water bottles, wrappers, etc.  to overfill a grocery bag
We were so sorry to have missed the boil and the excavation - but happy that the WB turtle babies are on their way home!
Have a great weekend!


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