Friday, August 17, 2012

Jumping fish in Zone 3

For the second week in a row, I am pleased to report that the litter was not too bad in Zone 3. As always, the most persistent item was cigarette butts. I also found a large number of small, clear plastic straw wrappers-- the kind that come on juice boxes. Those are so small and light that I am sure they frequently just blow right off of people's picnic areas.

Today I collected a total of 1/2 of my reusable bag of litter, which is equal to 2 plastic grocery bags. In the interest of time, I did not count my trash items today. I did, however, remove both aluminum cans and plastic water bottles from my bag and place them in the recycling bins by Johnnie Mercer's Pier.

One rather amazing thing that I witnessed today was what appeared to be a very large school of fish that were jumping out of the water. They were moving southward, and since they were swimming parallel to shore, I was able to watch them for a good half mile or so. I wasn't able to catch a good photo, because they were so fast, but you can kind of see one of the jumping fish in the photo below.

I also took a short walk along WB yesterday evening with my husband, and my mother in law, who is currently visiting us from Washington DC. As we walked, I stooped to pick up a straw wrapper, and a gentleman who was also walking down the beach held out a plastic bag to me. "Are you picking up litter?" I asked. He replied that he was, and explained that he frequently walks from one end of the beach to the other for exercise, and picks up trash as he goes. It made me happy to meet a kindred spirit, and I told him about this blog. Hopefully he will find it!


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