Sunday, August 12, 2012

A rainbow and a toppled trashcan in zone 3

On Friday, August 10, I was happy to have a special guest with me as I walked in zone 3. My mom, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, was visiting Wilmington for a few days, and joined me for the morning. We were wary, as I am sure everyone else was all week, of the looming storm clouds and not-so-distant thunder and lightning. We did really luck out, though, in that we just got a sprinkling before we made it back to my car. (It was QUITE a different story when we were at the beach on Tuesday evening. Wow, that was such a powerful downpour!) We had enough time to take in the cool pre-storm breeze, Mom found a nice piece of sea foam green colored sea glass, and we even saw a beautiful rainbow.

Overall, Friday was not a very bad day at all for litter in zone 3. My mom and I collected 2 plastic grocery bags worth. We found some brand new sand toys (we know they were brand new because we also found their bags and price tags nearby) that we decided to leave on one of the public benches in hopes that they would be reclaimed.

Because it was starting to rain steadily at the time we left, we opted to place our trash and recyclables in the bins by Johnnie Mercer's Pier, rather than bringing them home and sorting them. Recyclables included 8 plastic water bottles and 3 soda/beer cans. Most of the litter was fairly indistinguishable bits of plastic, and many clear plastic straw wrappers. The strangest litter we found was a small pile containing a bra, panties, and a pair of shorts. So, I guess maybe someone left the beach with just a shirt on? The only really nasty mess we encountered was next to a toppled trashcan. But, it only took us a few minutes to right the can and pick up around it. (I did not include any of those items in our litter total for the day.)


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  1. Some interesting finds on the beach that day. We met a nice woman from Portland who was also collecting trash. (Written by Susan's mom)