Wednesday, August 22, 2012

John and Terri find interesting items in zone 1

Here is our trash report from the last 3 weeks.  Sorry for the delay.  I'll try to give you our best memories of what we collected, starting with today since that memory is the freshest.
We collected one full Harris Teeter bag--water bottles, sand bucket straps (3;, broken sand toys (3); fireworks containers with an unknown object nearby (looked like a small, charred, wire whisk broom?); baseball cap; tee shirt; tampon (will not describe); thin sanitary pad (in a different location); assorted plastic cups; many straws, bottle caps, and wrappers; small piece of rubber tubing; sunglasses, plastic; handi wipes; orange and lime peels/pieces; one blue nylon canopy carrier, empty.   No cigarette butts!?!?!?!?  (Maybe we didn't look hard enough. ) One wire canopy with nylon top.
Nest looked fine.

Last week was the morning of the storm so John and I split the walk so we could get off the beach quickly.  Didn't find too much as I recall, except for some goggles, 2 towels, a sand bucket. 
Collected the equivalent of 1.5 Harris Teeter bags with the usual assortment of items.  I do remember finding several tee shirts, single flip flops, 2 towels. 
We did see 2 older dogs running along the beach and back and forth from the dunes, no owner in sight.  Couldn't see if they had any tags. 

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