Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nancy finds treasure too! :-)

Hi Ginger,
I've been a bit slack on submitting my trash reports lately, so here goes:
Zone 1, Thursday, 08/16/12:  This section was relatively clean and I collected only about 1/2 bag of trash.  It consisted mostly of plastic food wrappers, 2 cans, and broken beach toys.
Zone 5, Monday, 08/20/12:  Today, I cleaned about 1 bag of trash from the beach.  In Zone 5 I found a shirt, 2 socks, 3 balloons, lots of plastic wrappers and straws, a good sized wad of red fishing line, 3 wire-ties, and lots of bits of styrofoam.
Zone 2 on Tuesday, 08/21/12:  This morning I found so much trash in Zone 2!  The tide was higher than normal and there was an awful lot of litter in the wrack line and on the beach.  I collected a pair of flip-flops, a sheet, a towel, a broken beach umbrella and about 4.5 bags of trash.  This included many straws and lids, lots of plastic wrappers, plastic cups, 1 sock, many pieces of balloon, 1 wire-tie, several discarded and broken beach toys, yellow caution tape (just north of the Holiday Inn), a shower cap (seriously????), lip gloss, a mesh beach toy bag, and numerous straw wrappers.  
The waves also left behind many beautiful shells to be found on our beach this morning.  I felt rewarded by mother nature for cleaning the beach of trash as nearly every time I bent down to pick up litter, I often found a beautiful treasure, as well.
Hope you have a great week!

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