Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kim finds a case of water in zone 1---that is 12 plastic bottles

Name : Kim Meyer
Zone : 1
Date Walked : Sunday, 8/12/2012
# Grocery Bags : 2

Luckily I got on the beach early because a storm was quickly approaching.  I tried to hurry so I did not pick up as much trash as usual.  However the beach wasn't too bad since the prior day had been overcast (and possibly raining, I don't recall) as well.  Also I didn't see any towels scattered about at Shell Island.  Not sure if that was due to weather or if they finally gave up on the courtesy beach towels.

I did find a case of water that was pretty much untouched that I carried from Shell Island to Holiday Inn.  I'll make sure they get properly recycled.

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