Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two weeks = 8 bags of trash for John and Ginger in zone 4

We are almost at the end of sea turtle nesting season and the time seems to fly by.  I will miss walking the beach early on Monday mornings in excited anticipation of finding sea turtle tracks.

I always think I may continue to get up and go pick up trash, but history has shown that I usually don't. Don't get me wrong---I still pick up trash, but not on a weekly scheduled basis and I will miss seeing the ocean in the early morning light.

It is the rhythmic nesting ritual of the ancient sea turtle that has now created this rhythmic ritual for me to more consciously take care of my Ocean.  I thank the sea turtle and the Earth for all the gifts they give to me including the gift of awareness.

As far as my trash reports go, I am once again behind for two weeks; so here they are:

On August 13th, John and I collected 5 bags of trash.  Listed below is some of what we collected:

9 cigarette butts
5 plastic bottles
3 plastic bags

4 articles of clothing (one gap shirt that I may be keeping for me---treasure!)
8 toys or toy pieces
6 ziploc bags
1 lighter
1 plastic flosser (I hate these)
1 pair of nice swim goggles
17 straws
1 plastic knife
11 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
1 aluminum can
7 shoes
4 plastic cups
3 plastic lids

Watching the sun wake up in the morning never gets old!   .....but Gigi sometimes gets bored watching me sort the trash.   (she probably thinks I'm nuts!!)

On Monday, August 20th, I walked without John and collected 3 bags of trash.  I did not take pictures on this day b/c the weather looked threatening and I did not want to risk damaging my camera.  It was too bad because at one point when the light was just so, I could have sworn that the ocean looked a soft hue of purple---just beautiful!

It took me three attempts to sort and categorize my trash when I got home b/c each time I went outside to try, it would begin to thunder and lightening!  So again, I kept my camera inside.

The story of the morning was micro trash instead of the big items.  I could not believe all of the cigarette butts and especially the number of straws that were all along the tide line.  Had I only walked the tide line in each direction, I'm not sure how many straws I would have collected---it was amazing to me.

Below are my numbers:
99 cigarette butts
2 plastic bottles
13 toys or toy pieces
1 ziplock bag
1 pair of cheap sunglasses
43 straws
1 plastic knife
3 plastic spoons
1 plastic fork
32 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
1 plastic cup
3 plastic lids


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