Friday, August 3, 2012

An overwhelming number of cigarette butts in Zone 3

Good news: not much large litter in Zone 3 today. Bad news: the wrack line and the dunes were in very bad shape. In fact, it pains me a bit just to think about how many small scraps of plastic and cigarette butts I could still see in these areas when I left the beach. Each time I bent down to pick up a cigarette butt, I found that I could pick up at least 6 or 7 more without even moving my feet. I was so astonished that I took a short video to capture the enormity of the problem.

Today, my litter total amounted to 1/2 of my reusable bag, which is equal to 2 plastic grocery bags. A large portion of it was indistinguishable bits of plastic, and much of it looked like it has already spent some time out at sea, such as this portion of a styrofoam egg container. Items that I counted included:

- 4 sand toys
- 1 pair of flip flops
- 2 stray sandals
- 2 beer cans
- 3 plastic water bottles
- 7 plastic utensils
- 29 plastic straws
- 51 plastic bottle caps
- 330 cigarette butts


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