Monday, July 30, 2012

Another 2 weeks for John and Ginger = 11 bags of trash

Yes, that is right.  I have gone another two weeks before updating the blog again!!!!  I do not mean to do that--it just happens sometimes.  But, 11 happens to be my lucky number and in those two weeks, John and I have removed 11 bags of trash from the beach!

Last week (which was week 12 of the season) we collected 4 bags of trash, 2 of which were just bits of paper, plastic and random things that I don't itemize.  However, I am beginning to think that I should start counting chapstick tubes and band aids as we find so many of those.

Here are some of the other things that we found last week:

13 toys or pieces of toys
31 butts (always more, but no time to get them)
2 styrofoam bowls (which is inflated plastic---aaagggghhh)
3 plastic cups
3 shoes
2 hair bows
1 hiar tie
2 ziplock bags
1 plastic bag
1 can
2 plastic bottles
2 balloons (one which was all tangled in the wrack line)

46 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
1 sock
1 empty spray bottle of sunscreen
19 straws
1 paint brush (hope they were painting the sunrise!)

Also, while I was working on KIC stuff, I spotted this beautiful butterfly in the tree just outside my window.

Today (July 30, 2012), John and I collected 7 bags of trash plus 1 towel and 3 chairs:

13 toys or toy pieces
25 butts
3 plastic cups
4 shoes (including a nice pair of children's keens---they will be given to my nephew  :-) ).
6 hair ties
1 headband
3 ziplock bags
4 plastic bags
3 cans
11 plastic bottles
1 balloon
40 plastic bottle caps
4 metal bottle caps
4 clothing articles including 2 socks, 1 bandanna, 1 pair of children's pants
1 cloth napkin
39 straws
2 glass wine bottles
3 plastic lids
3 plastic eating utensils

Foxy Cat seemed to dislike the trash pile as much as me!
Today was rainy, so I drove to WB Farmer's Market after our beach cleanup.  But that wasn't the case last week when I rode the KIC Bike to the Market---it was sunny and very very hot!!!  So, I stopped in SurfBerry for a cool treat---coconut froyo with fruit topping---yummy!   Although SurfBerry uses "compostable" spoons, I carried my own.

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