Friday, June 15, 2012

Cold weather on June 15?

This morning as I left my house, I grabbed a lightweight hooded sweatshirt at the last minute, thinking it might be a bit cool by the water. As I walked out onto the beach, I found myself wishing I had long pants and a hat. The wind was so chilly! At one point, I put my hands in the water to warm them up. How very weird is that for June 15?

Today in Zone 3, I collected 3/4 of my reusable bag of litter, which is equal to 3 plastic grocery bags. There was a whole lot of plastic litter today, such as Ziploc bags, a stray flip flop, tubes of chapstick and hand cream, broken sand toys, and candy and cracker wrappers. I also found several remnants of fireworks that I took right to one of the trashcans on the beach. Other trash that I picked up included 20 plastic bottle caps, 1 strand of red Budweiser beads, 8 balloons (some of which were very small, maybe water balloons), 2 red Solo cups, 19 plastic straws, 1 Rita's cup, 1 Hardee's cup, 1 empty cardboard condom box, a plastic netting bag (from sand toys), and 141 cigarette butts. Reusables and recyclables included one pair of nice Speedo goggles, 1 pair of girls' sandals, 1 plastic water bottle, and 3 beer/soda cans.

The most unusual thing I found today was a driver's permit card for a young lady who lives in Ontario, Canada. I gave it to a WB police officer who happened to drive by while I was on the beach. He was very nice and helpful, and informed me that he would bring it back to the police station.

Another interesting find occurred when I neared Johnnie Mercer's Pier. (Usually I start at the pier and walk to access #32, but the last couple weeks, I decided to go backwards.) As I walked towards the pier, I saw a large orange sand bucket, a pair of flip flops, and a plastic grocery bag full of sand toys right at the high tide line. I peered at them, and since they did not look like they had been there overnight, I opted just to move them up into dry sand, away from the water line. As I bent down to pick them up, I heard someone call "heellllooo!" and looked up to see a couple sitting in a nearby lifeguard station. So I gave them a wave and kept on walking. Part of me wishes that I had moved the things anyway, and just politely told them that it's not wise to leave plastic unattended near the water. But at the time I really didn't want them to think I was trying to steal their things.


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