Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcoming in the month of June in Zone 3

Today, Friday, June 1, was a gloriously beautiful day at Wrightsville Beach. Zone 3 was filled with evidence of this week's happy beach goers, and Beryl seemed long forgotten.

Today in zone 3, I collected 3/4 my reusable bag (equal to 3 plastic bags) of litter. The garbage mostly consisted of candy and snack wrappers, broken sand toys, Capri Sun packets, cigarette butts, and Styrofoam cups. I also picked up 11 straws, 1 flip flop, a completely full bottle of sunscreen, a sand shovel, and a little football. Recyclables included 4 soda and beer cans, 5 plastic water bottles, 1 plastic cup from Rita's, and 2 beer bottles. I picked up several of these items near lifeguard stand #8, which was very disconcerting, because there are several trashcans and recycling bins just a few feet away. Large items that I placed by a trash can included one boogie board and one chair. The boogie board looked brand new, so I kind of hope that someone snatched it up before it was thrown away.

Once again, I came across a little house that someone had built out of natural materials. Very cute! I get a kick out of how creative people can be.

On a side note, this morning after walking my zone, I attended a beach yoga class that was held by the Wilmington Yoga Center in collaboration with Shell Island resort. It was from 7:30-8:30, so I had just enough time to finish walking my zone, then head down to the class. The cost for the class is only $10, and this includes a 2 hour parking pass at the resort. The classes are going to be offered every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:30 throughout the summer. If anyone is interested in trying a class, regardless of whether you have done yoga before, I would very highly recommend it! No experience is necessary.


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