Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nancy Fahey subs in zone 5 and is a true Ocean Lover and Inspiration---Thank You Nancy

Hi Ginger,
I subbed in Zone 5 for Kym this past Sunday.  I collected 1 1/2 bags of trash from the beach.  My collection included bottles, cans, and lots of plastic wrappers.  I also dragged one very wet and sandy overcoat to the trash cans.  Couldn't quite figure out how that ended up at the tide line.  I find it interesting that the beach in Zone 5 is very clean and nearly trash-free on the south end near the bird sanctuary.  This is the area in which the trash cans have been completely removed.  What is to be made of that, I wonder?  Another interesting observation:  I found a half a plastic bottle which contained tiny cutup pieces of bait.  It was near some men that were fishing, so thinking it was theirs, I didn't pick it up on my way to the inlet.  However, on my way back, they asked if I had found any turtle nests (I had my volunteer shirt on), and I said unfortunately, no.  I asked if the bottle was theirs and they said it was not.  So, I dumped the bait and put it into my bag.  Both of the guys made it a point to say thank you.  I love it when a simple gesture of goodwill brings total strangers together!  :)
I walked on the beach Friday evening to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunset.  However, I was very upset to find hundreds of pieces of broken styrofoam in Zone 4 at the tide line.  At the water's edge, there was an endless amount of tiny styrofoam balls, as well.  It made me sad to think of how much of this toxic litter has been swallowed by mother ocean.  As I walked, I collected as many of the larger pieces as I could, but it was impossible to pick it all up.  I also took one very long styrofoam float to the trash cans.  That is one piece of styrofoam that will not break down into a zillion tiny pieces in our amazing ocean!  
I also had the great pleasure of seeing WBSTP volunteer Pat Patrick, and her husband, that evening in Zone 4.  It sure was wonderful seeing Pat on the beach again, and I told her we will look forward to having her join us for nest sitting later this summer.
Have a great week,

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