Monday, June 4, 2012

Nancy Fahey subs and finds a light bulb (now there's and idea!?)

Hey Ginger,
I subbed in Zone 2 on Sunday, 05/27, and Zone 3 today (Wed. 05/30).  Here is what I found on the beach:
Sunday, Zone 2:  One bag of random litter consisting mostly of plastic bottles and wrappers, plus 2 mesh beach toy bags.  My least favorite thing to find!
Wednesday, Zone 3:  Two bags of litter consisting of two balloons, one feminine personal product (Oh joy~maybe mesh bags are not my least favorite things to find, after all!), lots of plastic bottles, lots of straws, three socks (none of them matching), one little girl's shoe, two plastic spoons, a few toy sand shovels, and various plastic wrappers.  In addition to the two bags of litter, I took a large beach umbrella to the trash cans as well as a small sand pail.  And here was the most bizarre find of the day:  A long fluorescent light bulb; the kind that is usually found above a kitchen sink, not at the tide line!  Only in Zone 3!  :)
And what I did not find: The tracks of a nesting sea turtle! 

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