Friday, June 22, 2012

Increasing litter in Zone 3

Wowee, aren't we fortunate to live in such a beautiful place?

This morning was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. Of course with summer's official arrival and the recent hot temps, there was also an increase in the amount of litter, compared to past weeks. Today I collected a full reusable bag of litter, along with an additional pile from around Johnnie Mercer's Pier that I took right to the trash cans. There was a lot of garbage around the pier, including the lid of a styrofoam cooler that had been broken into chunks and strewn about. The total amount that I picked up was equal to 5 plastic grocery bags full.

Early this morning, there were already several surfers hanging out in the water, so I opted not to pick up chairs, towels, or flip flops unless I could tell completely for certain that they had been left there overnight, such as this mangled green chair that I found right at beach access #32.

Garbage that I collected today included 20 plastic bottle caps, 68 cigarette butts, 2 tubes of chapstick, 2 styrofoam cups, 4 plastic cups, 6 plastic straws, 2 empty cigarette boxes, 8 Capri Sun/Kool Aid Jammers drink pouches, 1 stray flip flop, and 1 children's Croc shoe. Additional trash included lots of candy and Lance cracker wrappers, fast food wrappings from Sonic, paper wrist bands (perhaps given at a local bar?), ponytail holders, tags from Wings purchases, and lots of wipes and plastic bags. Recyclables and reusables included 3 plastic sand toys, 1 beer bottle, 8 soda/beer cans, and 7 plastic water bottles.

I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for some more turtle tracks soon!!



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