Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nancy Fahey continues to help walk and sub and keep track of smoking trends on other beaches

Hi Ginger,
I walked Zone 3 this past Thursday, June 14th.  During my walk, I collected four grocery store sized bags of trash.  This consisted mostly of plastic bottles, cups, cans and plastic wrappers, as well as one earring, and three pairs of shoes.  I also collected one towel off the beach.  
Today, Monday, June 18th, I the great pleasure of walking Zone 0 with Dr. Doss.  We collected two bags of trash consisting mostly of plastic bottles, cups, wrappers & bags, one child's flip flop and a large chunk of styrofoam.  We also found a huge, huge hole in front of the lifeguard stand at Shell Island Resort.  Two children dug the hole yesterday, according to two gentlemen out on the beach at sunrise this morning.  The hole is very near the tideline as you could tell some water had washed into it.  I'm going to notify the town since the hole is so huge, they may need to send public works onto the beach to fill it in.
I thought you would be interested to know that smoking is prohibited on the beaches of Barnstable in Cape Cod, MA (see photos).  Also, I found it very interesting that the state of MA charges a deposit on PLASTIC bottles of 5 cents each, which is returned when the bottles are returned to the store.  Awesome idea, mates!  :)
Have a great week!

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