Sunday, June 10, 2012

week 5: Abrons, Doss and Butler find a "good" pair of sunglasses in zone 0

There was only on plastic bag and two or three scraps of paper. Also, a good pair of sunglasses.
Abrons, Butler and Doss

I wonder if these sunglasses belong to me since I only "lose" good sunglasses.  It is true.  I put myself on probation from buying expensive sunglasses because I lose them.  

I forgot what happened to two pairs of glasses.  One pair fell in the ocean when we were docking the boat once.   I laid one pair down in Office Depot long enough to pay my bill and walk out of the store.  I realized I had left them when I got to the parking lot, but by the time I got back to the store, they were gone and no one knew or saw anything!  

I went for a couple of years without good sunglasses, but it was hard.  Once you wear good polarized sunglasses, it is hard to wear others because believe it or not, you do notice the difference.  So finally, I allowed myself to buy another good pair of glasses.  These were polarized and made from recycled materials.  I was very excited, but they were very expensive for my budget; and so I justified it because I had reward points! 

Well, I kept those for a little over a year and then I left them at a Sea Turtle Conference in Jekyll Island.  I searched and searched the island before we left and sent emails to the participants, and posted in the lost and found of the conference, but to no avail.  

I find plenty of sunglasses on the beach, but they are all cheap.  I have purchased new glasses, but they are not as good.  I can not lose cheap sunglasses and I can not find good ones.  

All I can say is that Dr. Doss, Butler and Abrons must have awesome karma because I have never met anyone else who said they found "good" sunglasses either.   Have you?

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