Saturday, June 30, 2012

week 9--Nancy Fahey subs in zone 2 and finds a pair of bedroom slippers

Hello Ginger,
I monitored Zone 2 this morning and while searching for tracks, I instead found trash.  During my walk, I collected 2 bags of litter including a head band, one baby's hat, six cans, one ladies feminine hygiene product collected with a discarded sand shovel, lots of plastic wrappers and broken sand toys, one Capri Sun container, three flip-flops (none matching), three socks (none matching), one pair of bedroom slippers (huh????), several plastic bags, plus one frisbee and two chairs which were put by the trash cans.  
One interesting observation: I saw a Surf Camp near Access #10, with lots of parents sitting in beach chairs watching their kids learn to surf.  All around them litter could be found scattered on the beach.  My thoughts: What better lesson could those kids learn about love and respect for the ocean and our planet than to have them clean the beach of litter?  With as many kids and parents that were on the beach, they could have had all that litter in the area collected within a few minutes.   It is a shame such a valuable learning experience and opportunity was not taken advantage of!
Have a great rest of the week!

Good point about the camps and any beach goers for that matter, picking up litter around them.  I know that many of the surf camps in our area make a point to clean up trash and teach about litter in the ocean.  I have approached some of the surf camps about adding their trash to our page and hopefully that will happen soon.  I'm hoping that the parents were excited to see their kids surf and were planning to pick up trash afterwards.... ~ginger

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