Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 7: Clem notices for tracks, birds and trash--how awesome is he???

I noticed this morning that ALL of the trash cans that had been around the sanctuary perimeter are gone.  I’m assuming this was intentional to keep people and trucks away from stray chicks – but I was surprised that there were no trash cans at the north end of the sanctuary (by what would be the next to last beach access).  So there was a fair amount of trash which I had been walking to the nearest can in previous patrols – I’ll try to remember to take a bag next time.   No stray birds seen outside sanctuary perimeter.

2 beer bottles
3 plastic bottles
2 beach chairs
2 styrofoam bowls 
4 snack bags
1 “Super Bait” plastic container (aren’t fishermen supposed to be eco-conscious?! – rhetorical)
3 beach/shower thongs
1 t-shirt
1 pair skivvies (yes, gross! I carry hand sanitizer!)
1 long red plastic sleeve/cap of some kind??
1 12 in long plastic stake
There’s a car tire just before the rocks by the USCG station which I tried to remove 2 weeks ago, but it’s too heavy w/ water etc. and no cans nearby anyway.
(Some) people are truly s!
All is well at turtle nest site.  .

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