Sunday, June 17, 2012

week 6 John & Ginger pick up 6 bags of trash in zone 4

It has been almost a week since John and I last walked the beach and I am just now getting around to posting.  I wish I would post sooner because everything is fresh on my mind then, but that is okay....sometimes things just take longer than you plan.

On June 11th, John and I picked up 6 bags of trash in Zone 4.  We could have gotten more, but John has to get to work and we just don't have time to get it all.

Some of our loot included the following:
1 can
4 plastic bottles
2 ziplock bags
2 unused condoms
1 panty liner
1 balloon :-(

2 shoes
1 steel butter knife
32 cigarette butts (there were much much more, but no time to collect when heading to work)

18 straws
7 bottle caps
6 plastic lids
1 plastic spoon, 1 plastic knife, & 1 plastic fork
19 toys including one good volley ball (it is a little flat, but we can pump it up!)
1 chair
1 towel
1 mesh net for toys :-(

1 swim diaper (yuck--I picked up with a stick)

As we were getting ready to turn around at the end of our zone and head back, a person thanked us for picking up trash and added to our items.  As it turns out, he owns Kowabunga Surf School and every Friday morning, he and a group of kids also pick up trash.  I know that other surf camps in the area do the same such as WB Surf Camp and also Odyssey Surf Camp.  We are so lucky to have ocean advocates on our beach!  Below is a picture of Kenny from Kowabunga.

I always love it when Mother Ocean gives us a treasure.  One of the treasures I found this week was a beautiful piece of sea glass.

The other treasure was being able to help Nancy Fahey locate eggs from our very first nest of the season.  Thanks to Nancy and CJ (the nest parent) for allowing me to share in this joyous moment.  Honestly, it is sheer joy.  Once we had located the exact nest site, we replaced the sand that we had moved.  As I was running my fingers through the loose, soft grains of sand I couldn't help but say in a serene voice "I love this!".  Honestly, I felt like I could feel each individual grain and I could not help but imagine what the scene must have been like when the mother turtle was displacing the sand with her flippers so that she could leave her clutch on WB.  Thank you Mother Turtle and Thank You Mother Ocean for all of the treasures you bestow to us.

Nancy and CJ find the egg.


Nancy and Me.

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