Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 7: Julie finds a balloon in zone 0

Thanks for the reminder Ginger.
I subbed in Zone 0 Wed and Thurs (June 13th and 14th).  Great way to start the day!
Wednesday it was raining, so no trash pick-up but there was very minimal; Thursday I picked up about a ½ grocery bag of trash—mostly from around the parking lot access—only a few items from on the beach.  Beach finds were – unfortunately – remains of a balloon and most unusual was a tea bag!
Julie Nichols

It should be noted that Julie is not the only one who has not picked up on Wednesdays.  So far, it has rained many of the Wednesdays and I have gotten several reports from volunteers stating they were unable to pick up trash.  This may be one contributing factor as to why we have less trash reported this year.

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