Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brent Stoney joins the KICers and is reporting on his collections in wilmington

I saw a clip of Brent Stoney on the News a few weeks ago and decided to contact him.  Brent is a local hero in my eyes.  He spends time on most of his Saturdays collecting trash from different areas in Wilmington.  I am going to be adding his numbers to the Wilmington tab on our blog.

If you or someone you know collects trash from some place other than the beach, you can report it here as well.

Below is Brent's email and a picture of his collection from Hewlett's Creek via Kayak.

I went out behind my house on Hewlett's creek, thats where my trashing days all started down here, i just felt so bad going by a piece of old trash knowing i was the last line between it, and time.  I also think its interesting to see what the trash is.. who made it and why.  Alcohol and Fast food are favorites, kinda irresponsible to eat and drive (surely to drink and drive) so no big surprise when their garbage is tossed on the roadway. . I just really hate finding the very old bottles , stuff that i can remember from when I was a kid,..still slopping around out there after all this time.. thats sad to me.. I  will start a journal of the stuff I find and Ill keep you posted! thanks again for writing!

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