Saturday, August 6, 2011

week 14--Kathleen H. collects 1/2 bag of cig butts in zone 5

Am walking again tomorrow am.. and am sure there will be more finds.  Yesterday besides assorted kiddie toys, dinosaur, pail, pair of flip flops (new), included a towel, dirty boy diaper, fishline with hook, string, string with balloon piece, half gallon bag of cig butts. plastic baggies.  lots near the Oceanic pier..  cigar butt, bottle caps and bottles (total 2 gal).. and.. the piece de resistance.. half of a fishing net; weighed about a lb.  big..  No bras or undies.

PS at 6:30am came upon a guy in the inlet near the Coast Guard dock, shampooing himself and his dog.  I told him the ranger was nearby and there was a fine for dogs on the beach.  Told him Carolina and Topsail did allow leashed dogs and wished him a good day.  He thanked me.. but as I walked away he began calling me names; started off with 'treehugger'.  I kept walking and the voice and name calling escalated into names I can't write here.  I called the police.  don't know if they came..

have a great weekend.     

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  1. My husband said she have turned around and said, "Treehugger with a cell-phone mother (bleep)!" hahaha Some people are so rude. Nice work Kathleen!

    On the dog note, when we were at the beach (a couple of times ago) we saw a lady with her dog. I let her know that dogs weren't allowed on WB. She told me that people told her after 6pm it was ok. I let her know that wasn't the case and that there is a fairly steep fine. (funny, she thought that maybe she wouldn't get a ticket because she wasn't local... once again, I let her know that wouldn't be the case.) She thanked me and thankfully didn't call me any names ;)