Monday, August 15, 2011

week 15---more from Kathleen in zone 5

good morning,  this week.  have been at the beach most mornings and many evenings this week;  visitors and helping Lindsay try to catch the gull with the fishline.  He is a rascal.  was pooped this am but hauled myself to meet up with Lindsay this am.  

 So far for the week:  5 tee shirts, 4 pairs of mens underwear, 3 sets of fishline, a piece of a webbed trap, parts of diving equipment, straps from surf boards, fishing lures, plastic baggies, a gal bag of butts, 2 gal bags of crushed water bottles etc.  2 glass wine bottles (unbroken).  I left all the kiddie toys and towels at the garbage barrel.

still too much trash..   

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