Sunday, August 28, 2011

Susan Meets Kali Wali!! Week 16

What a morning at WB! I know, I know... I say that every morning there is picturesque ( and every one is). But the storm yesterday blew in a cool breeze and a blue sky, so the weather this morning was just ideal.

There really wasn't that much litter today, I am assuming this is also due to the storm yesterday. Normally, I collect litter in a plastic grocery bag and throw it away as I walk along the beach. I put reusables and recyclables in a large reusable bag. But this morning, I discovered that we didn't have any plastic grocery bags in my house. I thought I might find one at the beach to use-- but then I didn't. Hooray! So I just used my reusable bag to collect both trash and recyclables today. I walked my entire zone and only filled the bag halfway (equal to 2 grocery bags) so it was a good day. There were several holes that were large but not terribly deep. There was also an impressive sand alligator.

Items I collected included:

6 beer cans
only 1 plastic soda bottle (YAY)

1 cigarette box
2 lighters
1 empty chewing tobacco container
1 beaded bracelet
1 tube of chapstick
1 pencil
3 band aids
2 balloons

2 plastic shovels
1 toy car
1 toy Flounder (got me singing-- I love The Little Mermaid)
9 straws
8 stray socks (what's with all the socks??)
1 tee shirt
1 small plastic garbage can lid
numerous cigarette butts

1 red plastic Solo cup
2 Capri Sun pouches
13 bottle caps

1 pair of girl's flip flops
1 stray women's flip flop
1 small pile of assorted wipes, straw wrappers, bits of plastic, fish hooks, etc.

So when I left Wrightsville Beach today, I stopped by Great Harvest Bread Company on my way home. I often stop there, as they are one of my favorite local stores, and how can you possibly resist fresh bread, muffins and scones in the morning? Plus, all of the guys who work there are always so nice and helpful. After I made my selection and paid at the register, the man who had assisted me looked at my WBSTP tee shirt and asked, "So are you part of the sea turtle project?" I replied, "Yes I am." Then he asked, "Do you know Ginger?" I responded, "I most certainly do!" It turns out that the gentlemen who had assisted me were Sonny and John, both of whom I have read about on this very blog! They seemed to think it was funny when I gushed about KaliWali, and how I think it is great that they are down there on the beach every Monday morning. They suggested that I come out some time, and said that they both really enjoy talking to John and Ginger, whom they think are very nice people. (But we already knew that, of course!!)

Susan Z. Miller
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