Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letter from Nancy Fahey post Irene

Greetings Turtlers,

I hope you all weathered the storm safely and without any significant damage to your homes or property.

As many of you may have heard, due to power outages, the TOWB extended the curfew today until 6:00 PM.  Thank goodness, though, they did allow Ginger and me onto the beach to check on our nest.  I do have wonderful news:  the eggs are safe and sound right where we left them.  All the wooden stakes, save one, had been washed away.  The rebar, however, was firmly rooted in place, and as a matter of fact, about 6" of extra sand had washed up on top of our nest.

Once we found the eggs, we scraped all the extra sand out of the area and erected a new sign and three new stakes to protect our precious clutch.  For now, that is the best we can do.  From this point on, the rest is up to Mother Nature.  Let's hope she tends our hatchlings with care, and their incubation process continues successfully!  A very short time from now, we will await the new arrivals.

The beach is now open to everyone, so monitoring will resume on a normal schedule tomorrow.  As a bonus, the beach is littered with the most unbelievable keepsakes: starfish, shells of all shapes and sizes, sea urchins, clams, was amazing!!  (Some of the starfish we found today were still alive, so of course, we returned those beautiful creatures to Mother Ocean.)  If you enjoy collecting treasures from the sea, be sure to take a pail or container along, and plan to spend some extra time on the beach tomorrow morning.   One word of caution, though, as you would imagine, the beach is also littered with lots and lots of trash that has washed in.  Ginger and I collected what we could, but it was rather overwhelming.  We just had to be satisfied to get what we could.

Only four more days remain before I take over on the four wheeler on 01 Sept.   Keep up the great work, WB Turtlers!!

See you on the beach,


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