Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Picture is worth 25,000 Cigarette Butts!

Hi Ginger!

On Thursday evening, we did another 20 minute clean up (shocker, I know! ;) ) which makes it our 83rd!  The beach wasn't very busy, but the ocean was filled with lots of surfers!  :)

My husband and I picked up the equivalent of 1 bag of litter that weighed nearly a pound that included:

294 cigarette butts
15 caps
10 straws
7 zip-ties (not sure what was up with zip-ties?? ... they were everywhere!)
1 aluminum can
1 plastic bottle

Another thing... we hit a milestone.  We've officially picked up over 25,000 cigarette butts off of WB.  25,180 to be exact.  Here's the link to the post: Our Daily Ocean: Day 83

Also, wanted to let everyone know that Bonnie Monteleone ( is working on an art piece and she needs blue plastic bottle caps.  I've been saving all the blue plastics that I find for her, so if anyone else would like to do the same... I'm sure she would appreciate the help!

Thanks to everyone who helps keep WB clean!! :)


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