Sunday, August 28, 2011

week 16--a nice note to all from the dedicated Kathleen Holly

All the volunteers have done an awesome job. I've seen visitors picking up;  they deserve a star, as they, too, contributed to the BIG BLUE BINS... my BBB.  It is heartening, and I think you share this when others recognize the importance of keeping our beaches clean.  Roscoe has been the ambassador of why this is important..  

Lots of dog tracks the last few days.  Wish there were more money in budgets for better surveillance .. tickets are the only deterrent to ending dog poop on the beaches.  I think I found people poo on the trail near the inlet side a week ago (I sure hope not; picked it up).  Quite a few times I've seen campers in tents above the high tide line on the beach (7am and tents are zipped closed; bottles around tents).  Serious yuck.  I called the WPD; they came; I saw them talking to campers.  Campers stayed.. 

Got soaked in the rain yesterday doing the turtle walk.. picked up tee shirt, man's drawers, 4 bottles, fish hook with line, cover for umbrella, candy wrappers and baggies and a girl's flip, no flop.  3/4 gal bag.


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