Saturday, August 6, 2011

week 14--Susan finds 3 plastic bags in zone 3

Well, I have no photos today, which is unusual for me. But with the stormy weather being what it is, I didn't want to risk ruining my camera in the rain.
(Thank goodness for this rain, though!)

This morning, the litter in zone 3 actually seemed a bit better than normal. I collected a total of 2 grocery bags of trash, and just under half my reusable bag, (so equivalent to about 2 grocery bags) of recyclables and reusables. The recyclables included 1 pair of women's sandals, along with several sand toys, aluminum soda and beer cans, plastic shovels, and plastic water bottles. The trash was mostly plastic bags, cigarette butts, water bottle caps, bandaids, plastic cracker and snack wrappers, Silly Bands, paper receipts and tags, and plastic cups. I also found one stray Rainbow flip flop and a cracked neon pink bucket, which made a good receptacle for cigarette butts. The areas that included the most garbage were at Johnnie Mercer's Pier, and at beach access #29, which is the norm. The most unusual things I found were a green plastic flower pot, and a clump of beige colored carpet, both of which I found near #29.

The most disheartening part for me of collecting trash remains other beach goers' blatant disregard for the litter. This morning, I was walking down the beach with my trash bags, when 2 women entered the beach from a nearby access and began walking towards me. As they were walking, one lady stepped on a plastic water bottle, muttered "ick!" and just kept walking. I was astonished that she did not bother to pick it up. Even after she saw me bend down to pick it up then put it in my bag, she did not acknowledge me. Later I began to feel slightly better when a man who was drinking coffee and smoking on the beach promised me that he would put all of his trash in the garbage can. I said "thank you," and he responded "thank you." So at least not everyone lets the litter go unnoticed!

Ginger, I also wanted to specifically report that I retrieved two plastic grocery bags that had blown into the dunes. There was a third one that had blown up high enough that I was afraid I would cause damage to the dune if I tried to get it. I also frequently find empty plastic ice bags.


Susan Z. Miller
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