Saturday, August 6, 2011

week 13--K. Holly still trying to help Roscoe, the bird trapped in plastic---Thank you Kathleen.

Good Morning Ginger,  I couldn't see how to update but here goes.  Roscoe, the fledgling Eastern Gull, still has one leg wrapped in tangled fishline. The other leg is freed but the leg is damaged.  He can fly a few yards.  Lindsay, the Audubon ranger (ette), and I met last night to try to "bag" it.  We tried to lure it with chunks of bait.. outwitted us.  Saw it this am on my sub walk for Kym.  Fed him with muffin soaked in fish oil and anchovy oil..   T

Of course, got down to paying attention to tracks.  Some places are so messy, hard to read; truck tracks were fresh.. Wish a sand Zamboni would clean up the beach.

Yesterday and today, I picked up 5 gal bags.  Lots of those wipes; too many, 3 dirty diapers, a panty liner??, 2 tee shirts, i broken chair, 8 kiddie sand toys (gave them all away), great scuba googles (gave that away), 2 separate sneakers, 1 sock, 14 water bottles, many caps, parts of tags, candy wrappers, too many butts (cig). 2 plastic net bags that held kiddie toys (the kind that get snagged over turtle's heads).  

Yesterday am I found 3 single camping tents with "doors" closed.  There were empty gator aid bottles and lots of other trash around the tents..  Called the police.. saw them talking to "campers".  Campers were still on beach when I came back from walk.  Don't know outcome.

This am came upon 3 HOLES.  The other day I saw kids digging one and asked them to fill it in.  The half-did it.  This am 2 more.  I have asked the DPW guy I saw last week to fill in a different hole and he didn't .. This is frustrating too.  There are 3 holes between the last lifeguard station in zone 5 to Oceanic Pier.  We need a sand zamboni... 

Am frustrated this morning and disheartened. .. Poor Roscoe.. he wouldn't be in this predicament if people didn't leave plastic line and other debris behind.  

We are still finding too much trash.  I agree with other volunteers.    

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