Sunday, August 14, 2011

week 15--Kathleen H. continues to help Roscoe, the bird & she rescues a cell phone!

Picked up 1/4 bag of butts, 3 bundles of fishline, a cell phone that works (called the last called and left a message. Can't call the owner as I have his phone).  Just made arrangements with the "last called" to meet at Costco in an hour.  The things we do.  meanwhile also picked up a gal bag of beer cans; crushed or bent, a gatoraid.. left all the kiddie toys.. just too many, two flips and a flop, a torn up undershirt, panties ???, tampon applicator?????? that is scary!.  3 holes between access 40 and 38.. still not filled in.

Roscoe.  wiley bird.. Fed him.. cat food laced with fish oil.. no more anchovies.  This way he associates me with food.  He is a first winter herring gull.  saw a laughing gull this am.. anyway.. Lindsay and I will meet later tonight.  She is making a catch trap.

very adventurous summer..  

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