Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joy finds 7 foot escarpment in zone 5--please use caution when walking

Below is an email from Joy about the huge escarpment on the south end close to the jetty.  Please be careful if you are walking out there.  Joy did embed a picture, but unfortunately I have not been able to post it to the site (though I have tried and I will keep trying & I will send it to you all via email).  I did notice that the escarpment was also featured on WECT last Wednesday.  I would like to include the video, but am not able to find it on their site.  Wednesday was the date of our excavation for nest 1, so I was leaving the house as the video was being featured on the news.  If any of you are able to find the video, please send it to me.
Thanks.   ginger

Dear Ginger

Sorry I have not sent my trash collections reports for the last two weeks.  If it can still be used I collected one grocery bag full each week (total 2).  Today I also collected one full grocery bag.  Mostly miscellaneous plastics and paper.  A couple of beer cans and bottles.  One disgusting used diaper (really people)  Surfboard wax.  I have been meaning to bring this item up.  I know that when the surfers drop their wax on the sand it can't be used but please pass the work that it should be discarded.  That wave will wait.  There was also evidence of a dog, meaning tracks and poop.  Our zone 5 nest looks quiet and no new turtle tracks.  Don't know if you have noticed the 7 foot escarpment by the jetty.  That could almost be dangerous, especially if you are drunk.

Joy Miller

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