Saturday, May 28, 2011

Balloons in Surf and Birds in Trash

Today I had to walk by myself b/c John was out of town.   I collected 4 bags of trash and that doesn't include the trash that I picked up right beside the trash can.  I didn't count this trash b/c I just threw it right back and b/c I saw the culprits of the non-human type---birds.  We have talked about this every year and we can't blame the birds--they are just doing what is natural---what we need are trash cans with lids.  Lids would help keep the birds out of the trash and also keep the wind from blowing the trash out of the cans.  Hopefully, we will see this one day on WB!

The other alarming thing I saw was a white balloon with a blue string washing in on the surf.  In this picture, you can see the foam of the water still around the string where the balloon had just washed in.  I couldn't help but think how this white balloon really would have looked like a jelly fish out in the water.

I also found 2 more balloons--one orange and one yellow.  According to one study, sea turtles actually seem attracted to a brightly colored balloon.

My trash total today was 4 bags which included:
12 toys
3 balloons
6 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
23 cig butts & 1 cigar tip
6 cans
21 straws
7 bottle caps
1 coat hanger
1 towel (I left at the life guard stand)
1 pair of "justice" shorts
2 shirts
2 types of fishing gear
1 toy netting
2 ziplock bags
2 plastic bags
3 brightly colored plastic ice cubes shaped like sea life
1 pen
1 disposable toothpick brush
lots of paper, sugar packets, receipts, and straws that blow from the Oceanic  :(

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