Sunday, May 22, 2011

week 3 (Thurs. 5/19) Renee zone 2

Since Renee is using a "large" reusable bag, I'm counting that as 4 bags.  The reason is:  my HT reusable bag will hold 3 plastic bags if filled jam-packed full!.

 Like I said in my last was great getting back to the beach.  I really appreciated your suggestion about re-usable bags rather than plastic bags.  You might be happy to hear that it seems like more people are using the recycling station at Wrightsville Beach.  I bring my recyclables there and, after Earth Day, I could not fit any plastics or metals into the bins.  They were overflowing and people had to leave their things next to the bins rather than inside them.  A few days later, I was there when one of the recycle trucks was there and the drivers told me that they are having to do more loads because the bins are getting filled up more quickly.  While I was there about 4 guys from the college were recycling bags and bags of beer cans and other recyclables.  I said they must have had quite a party...they laughed but I also thanked them for recycling.  So, there are all kinds of signs that people are starting to recognize the importance of recycling. 

Zone 2  Thursday May 19th

I'm using a large re-usable shopping bag/tote.  I filled one bag.  

When you say, "one bag" it doesn't really sound like that much.  

So, I took a picture of all the shovels, pails, flip flops, nets, bottle caps and cigarette butts that fit into that bag. Maybe a picture will be worth more than words.  I also have a picture of some of the things I moved away from the shoreline....a baby stroller, and a chair.  

I also picked up pieces of styrofoam.  When I picked up the big pieces I noticed some tiny white pellets that were caught up in the debris.  Sadly, I couldn't pick it all up.  I've attached two more pics:  a close up and as far as I looked....little pieces caught in the debris all down the beach.

Until next week,

    As I looked over the pics I sent to you.....I realize I forgot to mention the two little wheels I found .....  they weren't together either.  They were seperated and I found them on different parts of the beach.

   Okay :o)  this really is my last email about trash until next week. :o)

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