Sunday, May 15, 2011

week 2

Hey Ginger,

As I rode along the north end this AM, I felt very pleased and surprised at how clean the beach was.  That is until.......I rode past Stone St.  Between there and the Blockade Runner, the amount of litter and items left behind on the beach was absolutely unbelievable! 

I collected the following: 

ONE glass vodka bottle filled with several rolled up paper notes. They were written by several different young girls each stating their hopes, wishes, and dreams for their future. Some of the notes were of a spiritual nature and a few talked about how they wanted to accomplish great things in their lifetimes; how they wanted to bring good to the world. 

I sure wish they would've started off on the right foot by not littering Mother Ocean in such a way.......or drinking vodka!! ;) 

ONE pair of shoes

ONE bed sheet

ONE huge sea turtle raft  :(

THREE shirts

FIVE beach chairs

NINE towels

1 3/4 KITCHEN sized garbage bags full of litter including cans, plastic bottles & wrappers

I returned another of the Oceanic's chairs back to the pier which was left in the tide line.....yet again!!

AND last, but not least, I unknowingly collected one tick who attempted to hitch a ride home with me while dining on my wrist.  Ouch! 

Photos of one of the pig sties near the Blockade Runner attached.  All the towels, cans, bottles, the raft, and a broken plastic baseball bat and ball were scattered on the beach to the right of the chairs.  I had to make three trips to the trash cans on the 4-wheeler to get all that junk off the beach.  :(

Have a good day,

Hi Ginger,

This morning, I collected the following from the beach:

ONE beach towel

ONE ladies jacket

ONE grocery store sized bag of random litter

ONE broken beach umbrella

EIGHT balloons; some with strings  :(  (Six of these were the clear plastic type with a metallic design.  One of them said "Happy Mother's Day".  Somehow, that did not make me feel very happy.  The other two were the usual colored balloons, one green, one red.  I found these scattered along the shoreline from Shell Island Resort, south to Carolina Yacht Club.  

I also have noticed the trash cans are commonly over flowing, and are not well distributed throughout the beach strand.  There are very few cans on the north end, and maybe only one can between Stone St. and the Blockade Runner.  I'm going to call this morning to make sure they are aware of the lack of cans in many areas on the beach and that they are not being emptied as needed.

From the beach,


Hi Ginger,

Here is an update from the beach this week:

Yesterday (05/12), I collected.....are you ready for this?  Are you sitting down?  A WHOPPING 24 balloons and string from the tide line.  Well, in truth, I collected only 23 of them because one was in the bird sanctuary on the north end and I didn't want to enter the nesting area to retrieve it.  However, I was very concerned about it being in the protected area, so I photographed it and reported it to the Audubon representatives with the hopes they can get it out of the dunes without disturbing the birds.  This is very disheartening and disturbing.  The balloon problem on the beach is actually worse than ever!!

I also collected 2 towels, a large reusable Wings bag, one chair and 2 grocery store bags full of litter from the beach.

Today (05/13), I plucked another 10 balloons with string from the tide line.  Unbelievable!!  There were two trash cans overturned with trash scattered all around just north of Stone St.  I stopped and helped a lady pick it all up and place it back into the up righted cans.

Have a great weekend!


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