Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lost "Soles" by Patrick and Kim Shovlin (wed 5/18) zone 5

I love it when kids help their parents with environmental and other social issues and I love it when parents bestow these follows to their kids.  Such is the case with Kim Shovlin and her son, Patrick.  They have been helping watch for sea turtle activity and keeping the beach clean for a couple of years now.  It seems they are paving the way for lost "soles"  ;)   ( For now, I have counted their "small" kitchen bag as two bags since we know that one 13 gallon bag = 4 bags)

Hey we walked today here. What we found
It was a small kitchen trash bag
In it was
2 socks
At stuck with a ball
Half full beer can
1flip flop
2 soles to shoes
And a lot of cigarettes
Wednesday. And we are zone 5 thanks

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